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PHOENIX SYSTEM BRAKESTRIP PLUS is an innovative test strip which features a brake fluid test pad on one end and coolant test pads on the opposite end.


BrakeStrip uses Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) guidelines for brake fluid tests. Brake test strips from BrakeStrip are recommended by manufacturers like Bendix Brakes and Ray- bestos.


CoolantStrip effectively measures the pH level and glycol percent of engine coolant. Because CoolantStrip uses a proprietary integrated Glycol colour metric scale, it can be used with all coolant colours, including conventional coolant as well as long life, extended life, Dex Cool and Low Tox coolants. The strip offers a quick and accurate assessment of coolant levels.


When used as recommended, PHOENIX SYSTEM BRAKESTRIP PLUS results include:

  • Early detection of coolant and/or brake fluid degradation
  • Eliminating the chance of costly repairs
  • Quick and effective way to prevent coolant and braking system failure
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Telephone : 905-668-1440
Toll Free : 800-808-3062