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Welcome to Performa Lubricants

Performa’s OEM approved maintenance and performance enhancing products are formulated and marketed internationally for professional use only. The technologies engineered into our products are world class and are compatible with all vehicle makes and models. We do not rest on our laurels and our product development is ongoing. Performa has the ability to adapt or change the characteristics of any of its products as the industry dictates. Those professionals who have been using the Performa products since 1994 have come to rely on our constant quest to be the best.


When you choose Performa you gain access to our wealth of experience. We can assist you with all your graphic design requirements. We have created an advanced technical and sales training program which, when personalized, will result in tailored maintenance packages. Training is regularly updated to meet your changing needs.


We manage and control all inventory levels, ensuring against overstocking or ‘dead stock’. We supply regular and accurate performance reports enabling you to measure the results of all aspects of your Performa program. Experience the difference Performa can make for you!



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Tel: 905-668-1440 Toll Free: 1-800-808-3062