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DFS 920 Diesel EGR Flush Machine is a cutting-edge Diesel EGR Service.


The DFS 920 professionally and effectively removes harmful carbon deposits from EGR, variable vein turbo chargers, EGR cooler. The DFS 920 also removes carbon and soot from DPF filters which is an industry wide problem and significantly reduces all of these concerns in a complete service, which takes approximately ONE HOUR, without the mechanical strip down of engine components.


NOTE: Use with the OEM tested:

25 DIESEL ENGINE INDUCTION & EGR CLEANER Effectively removes harmful carbon and soot build up in turbo’s, EGR, coolers and DPF filters.
26 DIESEL ENGINE INDUCTION & EGR RINSE To neutralize the components after using the EGR Cleaner.


The most common problems associated with carbon build up in diesel engines are:

  • Poor performance
  • Poor fuel consumption
  • Costly breakdowns
  • Turbo (loss of power due to carbon build up)
  • Blocked EGR valve
  • Carbon build-up in EGR cooler
  • Blocked DPF filter
  • Harmful emissions
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Telephone : 905-668-1440
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