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Performa Induction Tool is designed to enable cleaning solutions to be introduced through a vehicle engines air intake system with the aid of an ‘S’ spray nozzle to clean the induction system and combustion area.


Note: Use with the OEM approved:

Air intake and throttle body using 7 AIR INDUCTION SERVICE to remove harmful carbon build up in air intake, throttle body and throttle plate.


Note: Use with the OEM tested:

25 DIESEL ENGINE INDUCTION & EGR CLEANER Effectively removes harmful carbon and soot build up in turbo’s, EGR, coolers and DPF filters.
26 DIESEL ENGINE INDUCTION & EGR RINSE To neutralize the components after using the EGR Cleaner.

  • Sturdy metal canister
  • Pressure regulator and gauge
  • High pressure braided supply line
  • 'S' spray adapter
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Telephone : 905-668-1440
Toll Free : 800-808-3062