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Heavy Duty Degreaser is a solvent-based product, formulated for superior grease-cutting performance. Emulsifies dirt and grime making it easy to rinse with a water spray. Aerosol packaging, easy and convenient to use, does not require additional sprayers or equipment to apply - simply spray on, wipe or rinse off. Strong stream-like spray that penetrates dirt in hard to reach places.


Heavy Duty Degreaser can also be used for industrial applications as well as around the home and shop to clean any metal surface, heavy machinery, steel, lawn and garden equipment, marine engines and equipment and cement garage floors.


When used as recommended, Heavy Duty Degreaser results include:

  • When used on engines: spray-on-and-hose-off treatment results in better engine heat dissipation
  • Safe removal of oil tar and grease.
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Telephone : 905-668-1440
Toll Free : 800-808-3062